On 01.05.2017 15:44, Markku Tavasti wrote:
On 01.05.2017 09:33, Markku Tavasti wrote:

I upgraded rather old VDR system (Ubuntu 11.10 -> 16.04) and everyhting
seems to work, excepth EPG data is not shown at all. On channel info box
or in schedule there is nothing. EPG data is collected correctly.

Actually, EPG data is not collected correctly.

Some channels don't get any EPG data. Some of the channels appera in channel 
list twice, and one entry shows program, but other entry gets EPG data. I have 
set updating of channels to value 'new transponders' Tried to re-generate 
channels.conf also, ending up to same situation.

Please post an example of the channels that appear twice.

One confusign thing is setting 'primary dvb adapter'. I have 2 DVB cards, and 
menu provides values 1-3 for primary card. Selecting 1 or 2 results no program 
shown, setting to value 3 works, but with verbose, i get error logged: 'no 
primary device found - using first device'

I assume the third device is your output device (softhddevice?).


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