On 01/05/17 18:41, Markku Tavasti wrote:
Ok, those channels found with w_scan are ok, and that FOX line Klaus formed is 
also ok. Now, putting VDR to update channels will break some of the channels.

Unfortunately you can't use 'Add new transponders' setting in Finland. (Except in Espoo area) Digita is not sending regional NIT data in their DVB streams. That's why you get duplicate channels in channels.conf.

For some reason (Laziness..?) Digita is sendng Espoo's transponder information in NIT data and if your regional transponders differs from those, you get duplicates/not working channels in vdr.

I have mixed DVB-T/DVB-S system, so i patched vdr to ignore NIT data from DVB-T 
so i could still use 'Add new transponders' in DVB-S


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