> It still does lock up.
> I think it is really softhddevice problem, as the lockup only happens
> if actually viewing the channel.. My VDR box is always on, and usually
> I just turn off the projector and leave VDR running. Perhaps I need to
> change my habits and actually suspend softhddevice when not really
> watching it.

Ideally you should be able to run VDR 24/7 without issue. That's what
I do and have no intention of changing the habit. Unfortunately
softhddevice is no longer actively developed by its' author but there
are still some coders in the VDR community who have helped keep it
updated. It's possible they may be able to help fix this bug if enough
information can be provided. In my cause the frozen/defunct VDR seems
to occur if I lose signal for some unknown length of time, and doesn't
seem related to audio. Fortunately it's the only problem I have and it
doesn't happen daily. It would however be great if it were fixed -
hopefully we'll get to that point.

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