torstaina 14. joulukuuta 2017 8.26.29 EET Harald Milz kirjoitti:
> I don't know how to handle this properly. My suggestion would be to ignore
> the channel pid change during an active recording on this channel, and
> defer the change until the recording is finished _if_ "-r something" is set

How about starting recording hooks with "pidchange" when stopping is caused by 
pid change and "after" only when recroding has stopped because the timer end 
time has been reached?

YLE channels change their pids all the time. Different programmes have 
different sets of audio and subtitle pids. Ignoring a pid change might mean 
missing a subtitle or audio track from the recording.

Ideally VDR should be able to add/remove pids from ongoing recording without 
temporarily stopping it. Couple of years ago I tried to see how adding new 
pids on the fly could be done, but it was not trivial.

For YLE channels, pid changes are frequent but predictable. One could stop VDR 
from changing pids automatically and set all the possible pids statically to 
channels.conf. But if some other broadcaster also changes pids frequently but 
in an unpredictable way, then this doesn't help and pid changes mustn't be 

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