On 07.03.2018 00:04, Timothy D. Lenz wrote:
So I'm using an old version of VDR, looks like 1.7.15 with the ATSC
plugin. Just don't have the time to update everything. I noticed that
the 9x locals stopped getting guide data. I did a new scan and the new
list worked for 9x but would wipe 58x channels. comparing them, they
changed the next to last field entry for 9x from 215 to 207 which is the
same as for the 58x. That's the only reason I see. I can switch to 9x

Using the same NID, TID and SID makes these channels look like "the same"
to VDR, and it only assigns the schedule to teh first one it finds in its
channel list.

Are channels 91 and 581 carrying the same content, and this supposed to
have the same EPG?


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