It turns out that both stations are owned by the same company. I have sent KGUN9 a second email about the conflict and reported it to the FCC as interference because they interfering with each other. Looking at this site:

I found this near the end:

Radio ID. Typical 0. Can be used to differentiate between channels having the same SID, NID and TID."

For some reason or another, I had to set all ATSC RID's to 0 for everything to work. I changed them to the entries in my conf but it doesn't seem to be working. Channels are not being deleted, but something is still wrong. Might be a problem with vdr admin. I had to add entries for a sat broadcast which (is scrambed) as 90 or 91 would not show. letting it set for a bit, looks like now I am seeing 581 guide data for 91. :(

On 3/10/2018 1:30 AM, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
On 10.03.2018 01:21, Torgeir Veimo wrote:
Isn't there a plugin that can change such data before it gets processed?

The problem is that these are *duplicate* channels - they can't be in the
channel list to begin with. They need to have different Transport Stream Ids. And as wen can see from Timothy's old channel list, they used to have these.
So somebody just screwed up!


On 10 March 2018 at 08:47, Timothy D. Lenz < <>> wrote:

    Welllll, it gets better. Tonight I see VDR is grabbing guide data for 9x and using it for 58.x. So 58.x data is now being lost. grrrr

    On 3/9/2018 2:29 AM, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

        On 08.03.2018 22:38, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

            On 08.03.2018 22:13, Timothy D. Lenz wrote:

                I was hoping it was something simple I could fix in the conf. I haven't worked on it or in linux in a long time and don't have the free time to figure it all out again. I'll have to look at this some other time. I am in the U.S. and these are ATA channels. They each have their own                 freq. and my guess is that they can use what ever numbers they want since they are on there own freq which they bought.

            Well, it's funny though that they use exactly the same IDs ;-).

            Sure they can do whatever they want, but there are a few basic rules that             should be followed in order to guarantee a reasonable coexistance. One of             them is that channels that are broadcast in the same area (like from the             same terrestrial transmitter, on the same cable or the same satellite)             should use unique IDs, even if they are on different transponders. One             of these IDs is the "transport stream id", which in your case is 207 for
            both channels. This should be different.

        For testing I added your new channel list to my channels.conf.
        Here's what my VDR reported upon startup:

        Mar  9 10:21:46 raspi4 vdr: [3134] loading ../cfg/channels.conf
        Mar  9 10:21:46 raspi4 vdr: [3134] deleting duplicate channel KWBA-HD,KWBA-HD:653028615:M10:A:0:49=2:0;52=eng@106,53=esl@106:0:0:3:0:207:0         Mar  9 10:21:46 raspi4 vdr: [3134] deleting duplicate channel LATV,LATV:653028615:M10:A:0:65=2:0;68=eng@106:0:0:4:0:207:0         Mar  9 10:21:46 raspi4 vdr: [3134] deleting duplicate channel ThisTV,ThisTV:653028615:M10:A:0:81=2:0;84=eng@106:0:0:5:0:207:0

        With your old list I get no such log entries. So I guess somebody messed up
        with the TIDs, and the problem should be fixed there.


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