Dear developers,

I'm pleased to inform you that Vdsm is now a member project of You can see it in and clone it from

The (prefered) way to submit patches is to get yourself a gerrit
account, define a "git remote" similar to

[remote "ovirt"]
    url =
    pushurl = ssh://<your-username>
    fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/ovirt/*

rebase your contribution over ovirt/master branch, use Saggi's
    git-request-review ovirt master
and wait for Acks.

Now Acks do not come out of thin air...,status:open+project:vdsm,n,z shows all Vdsm
patches, waiting for your review. Be a sport, share your opinion.

The Fedora-hosted git repository is hereby obsoleted. Red Hat developers
who have pending patches in the in-doors gerrit instance, would have to
post them again in the open (sorry folks... this includes me...).


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