On 16.11.2011, at 00:01, Michael Roth wrote:

> But practically-speaking, it's unavoidable that qemu-specific management 
> tooling will need to communicate with qemu (via QMP/libqmp/HMP/etc, or by 
> proxy via libvirt). It's through those same channels that the qemu-ga 
> interfaces will ultimately be exposed, so the problem of qemu-ga vs. 
> ovirt-guest-agent isn't really any different than the problem of QMP's 
> system_powerdown/info_balloon/etc vs. ovirt-guest-agent's 
> Shutdown/Available_Ram/etc: it's a policy decision rather than argument for 
> choosing one project over another.

I don't see why we shouldn't be able to just proxy whatever communication 
happens between the guest agent and the management tool through qemu. At that 
point qemu could talk to the guest agent just as well as the management tool 
and everyone's happy.


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