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> From: "Jenna Johnson" <jennajohnson...@gmail.com>
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> Sent: Wednesday, November 16, 2011 9:59:19 AM
> Subject: Install VDSM on Ubuntu
> Hey guys,
> Trying to install VDSM on Ubuntu11.04,pulled vdsm code ,here are my
> steps:
> 1../autobuild --system
> 2.make
> 3.sudo make install
> 4.sudo service vdsmd start
> encountered error : unrecognised service
> Does someone have idea about how to install and startup VDSM on
> Ubuntu?
> Jenna,

Hi Jenna,
you need a proper upstart service file for vdsm. One of the problem you
might be facing is that our current init script is doing much more than
just starting/stopping a service. That has to change.

Some time ago I proposed to strip the current init extra-logic (eg:
configuring libvirt, etc...) to an external tool (vdsm-tool).

That will allow us to have regular init/upstart scripts that are just
taking care of starting/stopping/restarting the service.

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