On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 04:10:08PM +0800, Jenna Johnson wrote:
> Dan,
>       Newbie but very willing to have a try.I expect the rewrite include
> following steps:
>       1.using upstart-job
>       2.configure the following stuff just as old script do
>               - configure libvirtd.conf/qemu.conf
>               - setup a password for libvirt
>               - configure sysctl.conf
>               - create some paths (if missing)
>      Are there more details to refer or I should notice?

There are plenty of Fedoraisms lurking in the code. We assume rpms, for
one. And as Dan Berrange noted few weeks back, we play with network
ifcfg- files. But I'm sure there are plenty more. It is going to be a

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