On Thursday 17 November 2011 02:48:50 Michael Roth wrote:
> I've tried to summarize the pros/cons, points, and proposals outlined in
> this thread at the following wiki:
> http://www.ovirt.org/wiki/Guest_agent_proposals
> Please feel free to add/edit as needed. If you don't have an account on
> ovirt.org let me know.

Thanks Michael, it's a good start.

A few questions about the qemu-ga's requirements:

  - same repo ? why is this a requirement ?
  - distributable via ISO  - can you elaborate? 
  - upgradeable via hypervisor push - by the title it sounds like it belongs 
    to deployment, which sounds to me like it belongs to a higher management 

#3 a few questions come up when I read it: 
  - some may consider those primitives as a security breach
  - I understand the motivation of being able to do everything on the guest 
    (exe) but we need to keep in mind it's various guest OSs, and it means 
    that there should be a script for every OS type. to me the option of 
    having a well defined interface is much more appealing  

> Thanks!

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