As we are getting some newer gear, I was wondering what is a better 
setup for network-based storage in our lab (all our hosts will have >1 
interface, and our storages - either 4x1Gb or some with 10Gb).

Am I correct to assume that NFS, from a single host, will not benefit 
much from bonding, when connected to a single storage domain (= a single 
mount). Isn't it using a single TCP connection? (which btw implies we 
might get better perf. with multiple mounts?).

Am I better off configuring multipathing rather than bonding for iSCSI, 
for the same reason? Configure two IPs on two interfaces on the host, 
same on the storage? (which btw hints at why iSCSI from the QEMU level 
is an interesting feature).
Should I 'cheat' and configure multiple IPs on the bonded interfaces on 
the storage side?

For both I'm sure jumbo frames would be nice, and we will be using it 
partially in our labs.

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