On 11/21/2011 10:18 AM, Steve Gordon wrote:
>> Actually we're thinking about NetworkManager, not netcf.
> Also note that NetworkManager doesn't currently support bridge
> creation which I thought was something we needed to do (and I assumed
> was why we were manually interacting with the 'old' network
> configuration method in the first place).

That is true, but my understanding is that the NM folks are working to
close those gaps.

I've cc'd dcbw onto this thread to see if he has any comments

Dan, the thread starter is:
In case you want the history here.

But in short, what we're discussing is whether or not to use NM or netcf
directly for network manipulation, and my take is that NM is the way to
go, but there are some gaps that need to be closed before we can get
there like:

* bridge creation
* better subpackaging for NM packages so that things like mobile
  provider data and wpa_supplicant aren't pulled in by default (mburns
  is filing a bug on this shortly)

What's the current status wrt NM on other distros?  How prevalent is it
and can we just standardize on it for things like Ubuntu, SLES, Debian,
Gentoo, etc?

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