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> However, I am not aware of the specific error that you are seeing. Which vdsm
> are you using? which kernel? where is the error log shown? What is your exact
> patch to vdsm/vdsm-logrotate.conf?

on Fedora 16 machine
vdsm:         vdsm.4.9.0-0.200.g2fc4e63.fc16.x86_64
logrotate:    logrotate-3.8.0-3.fc16.x86_64.
kernel:        "uname -r" shows 3.1.0-0.rc6.git0.3.fc16.x86_64

I also generated a patch, attached.
The errors were reported by sendmail to /var/spool/mail/root

> And most interesting: what had its core dumped? why?
I am still not clear about why. But logrotate kept reporting errors without
the su directive used even though nothing under /var/log/core.

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