> /opt is used for apps
> /var/lib is for app data, so it sounds to me like it should be /var/lib/vdsm

/var/lib/vdsm is fine by me

>>  - brNET, where NET is a logical name of the network
>>                brmgmt containing eth0 as the management LAN
>>                brguest containing eth7 as the guest <-> guest LAN
>>                brinet  containing eth42 as the guest <-> internet LAN
>>                briscsi containing vlan7.3 for the iSCSI storage LAN
> above convention is problematic due to the 'br' prefix which complicates 
> flows like migration if physical representation of the logical network is not 
> consistent across nodes (i.e. bridge on host a called brmgmt and nic alias on 
> host b called ???)
> Specifying the logical name alone seems the easiest path. i.e. 'vdsm' or 
> something.

No objections from me.  Using the br prefix is sort of for historical
consistency reasons (i.e. bridges usually have names like br0, br1,
etc), but I don't feel strongly about that.  So 'vdsm' is fine by me.

So unless we have a major objection in the near future we'll use:

vdsm as the interface name
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