This week I spent some time analyzing the parameters that must be passed to all
of the different VDSM API calls.  For those involving complex types
(dictionaries with required keys, magic strings, etc) I have attempted to
document the required format and meaning of the required data.  The document is
in the ovirt wiki: .  Please take a look
and correct any inaccuracies.  Next, I would like to document complex return

One of the reasons I have done this work is in an attempt to drive some
improvements into the API redesign I am working on.  I think the structure of
the parameters and return values should be codified somehow.  I noticed in that there is some validation being performed on the
connection information.  Do people agree that this could be way forward for
field validation?  Are there better methods?  Thanks for your comments on this

Adam Litke <>
IBM Linux Technology Center

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