On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 06:17:53AM -0500, Ayal Baron wrote:
> Can we broaden the scope and also allow passing createVG partitioned devices 
> with an override flag or something? (we'd need to check the devices and run 
> "kpartx -d" and fdisk to clean the devices before calling pvcreate).

We can, and we should. My initial patch is just the bare minimum; I'd like
Douglas to carry it on, and I am still waiting to meet his Engine counterpart.
Currently, a LUN that was once used as a raw hard disk cannot be used by RHEV;
that's sad.

How about this for API:

   createVG(self, vgname, devlist, options={trashpart_devlist: []})

createVG would honor an optional list of devices (subset of devlist) whose
partition tables should be trashed.

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