Hi All,

    I have few naive Qs for getting some understanding on how things
are not working in my setup.

I have a very very basic/simple setup.. 1 box hosting ovirt-engine and 1
host running f16,
which is discovered and being managed by the ovirt. I don't have the
luxury (atleast currently)
to have a shared san/nas storage setup, so with help on irc, i
configured and setup local dc
with local cluster and added host to the local cluster. Now i am in the
process of adding a virtual
disk to my VM which i created using ovirt.

1) The virtual disk ovirt helps create, is a disk with all zeroes... so
even if i am able to
create the vdisk and attach it to the VM, when i start vm, obviously it
won't boot, as the boot
disk is not found. How do i let the ovirt use a existing .img image file
which already has a os
and root fs installed ( i have it from my virt-manager setup). ? I tried
creatign a new storage
domain of type iso, but not sure how to add my .img for oivrt to
see/recognize and allow me to
select that while creating a new VM ? Again, this is all local, so i
created /iso/images
and /data/images directory on my host, and tried keeping my .imgs there,
but it does not work.

2) Is thin provisioning supported with just 1 host in the dc/cluster ?
From vdsm_storage pdf
i found on the wiki, there is a diagram which uses 2 hosts to do the
thin provisioning...
so are 2 hosts a must ? Also it talks abt mailbox LV, where the msgs are
sent and recd between
vdsm and spm to do the lvextend operation.. i am not clear on where
physically this LV resides ?
on host 1, host 2 or somewhere else ? Assuming its shared storage, does
it mean that i cannot
do thin prov, with local storage, as is the setup in my case ?


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