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I am just curious how HSM interact with SPM after HSM get merge
request no matter if they are in the same host.
At the moment the engine is responsible to poll the merge status on
the HSM (and restart it if failed). When it's successfully completed
the deleteVolume command must be issued to the SPM.
Sorry for confusing.  Please let me explain my question again.
In the Engine-VDSM Flow of "LiveMerge" wiki page, the engine will call the merge interface from engine to HSM to request the merge. I was wondering what HSM will do after it get the merge request. Does it call further interfaces in SPM by whatever way to make SPM to commit the real merge operation or just complete the operation by it self? If it does, how SPM will tell HSM the status of the merge operation?////synchronizedly or asnchronizedly?

In the future we might consider the mailbox as mean of communication
between the HSM and the SPM, even though it's now enabled only for
block storage domains (and if the irs.vol_extend_policy is ON).

Still the entry point would be the deleteVolume call on the SPM.
Does it mean that deleteVolume call will be from HSM to SPM directly instead of from engine?

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