On 02/13/2012 12:52 AM, Ayal Baron wrote:

if the FlowID isn't logged for logs which are part of the action, it
will be easy to detect the entry point.
but still wouldn't make it easy to grep all related logs to a flow

If the flow id is present in all lines it would make the log a lot less 
Writing a script that accepts the flowid and 'grep's the 'flow' should be 
simple enough.

However, if this is to become (remotely) useful, the flowID should always 
contain an engine generated generation.  The thing is, really complex debug 
scenarios which span multiple hosts never stem from the same flow, so the only 
added benefit here would be if we could at least know what happened before what 
from logs across multiple hosts.  To achieve this we would need the engine to 
add a generation id to each unique flowID (the problem being that currently the 
flow ID would be determined by the UI and not by engine).
Engine would have to generate such an ID for all internal flows as well!

I thought it is clear the UI/api can pass the flow id for the rest of the components (engine and below)

I still have not heard even one good reason for having this though.

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