On 02/16/2012 07:22 AM, Adam Litke wrote:
On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 06:36:48PM +0200, Dan Kenigsberg wrote:
On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 12:05:16AM +0800, Lei Li wrote:

We are working on VDSM network REST APIs, to support the functions we need to 
the list of configured networks. I found that VDSM network has a function
'listNetworks' in configNetwork.py. It can get and display the current 
network like this:

# python configNetwork.py list
Networks: ['bridge_one', 'bridge_three', 'bridge_two']
Vlans: []
Nics: ['eth0']
Bondings: []

But there are some problems with it. It can not display the defined networks 
host restart, but the created config file are still 
Did I miss anything? Or Is there some way to avoid this?

Your suggestion and thoughts would be appreciated.
Lei, on my vdsm host, running python /usr/share/vdsm/configNetwork.py list gives
me the following output:

Networks: ['ovirtmgmt']
Vlans: []
Nics: ['eth1', 'eth0']
Bondings: ['bond4', 'bond0', 'bond1', 'bond2', 'bond3']

and python /usr/share/vdsm/configNetwork.py show ovirtmgmt gives:

Bridge ovirtmgmt: vlan=None, bonding=None, nics=['eth0']

These results are what I would expect to see.
Hi Adam,

That's strange...did you reboot your host?
I get this after the host reboot:

#python configNetwork.py list
Networks: []
Vlans: []
Nics: ['eth0']
Bondings: []

I guess maybe I miss something...:(

Could you describe how you reproduce the problem (with as much details)?
You define a network, persist it, and restart the host?
Hi Dan,

Yes, that is what I do. My step is just add a network(like bridge_one), I did 
do the persistence action, the added config file is still there but not for the
output of 'configNetwork.py list' after host reboot.
How can I persist the defined network?

Hi Dan.  As I understand it there is not a problem with vdsm in this regard.
Lei is trying to model the current networking APIs in REST.  To do this you
might have something like:

/vdsm-api/networks/ ..................Get a list of bridges configured for vdsm
/vdsm-api/networks/confirm............Mark the current network config as safe
/vdsm-api/networks/add................Add a new network
/vdsm-api/networks/ovirtmgmt/.........View details of the ovirtmgmt network
/vdsm-api/networks/ovirtmgmt/edit.....Edit the ovirtmgmt network
/vdsm-api/networks/ovirtmgmt/delete...Delete the ovirtmgmt network

The current vdsm API lacks a facility to display the /vdsm-api/networks/ URI
because there is no function to get such a list.  To create such an API, one
might call out to 'configNetwork.py list'.  Is there support for adding such an
API to API.py?  How about an API to fetch network info via
configNetwork.py show?

Also, I think the networking APIs should be organized into a Network class 
within API.py.

Yes, we need to get a list of configured networks as Adam said. and we are
wondering If function 'listNetworks' in configNetwork.py can support it.

Did Vdsm restart after boot? What is reported by getVdsCaps ?

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