On 22/02/12 09:07, Mike Kolesnik wrote:
>> Hi,
>>      Asking this on both the ovirt and vdsm mailing lists.
>> What is the right way to get a debug output or dump of the XML-RPC
>> that is being sent between ovirt and vdsm, either from the ovirt side
>> and/or from the vdsm side ?
>> Is there any way of dumping the xml-rpc being sent between ovirt-vdsm
> You can try sniffing it using wireshark or a similar tool.
> This will probably give you the most accurate result including all headers 
> that are sent.
> OE will not debug print the XML itself, only the parameters it's about send 
> to VDSM.
It is possible to increase the log verbosity of Apache's http client, so you'll 
be able
to get more information from that layer.
Alternatively, you can add the following to the jboss run.sh in the java_opts:


More info on httpclient logging available here: 

>> Any pointers appreciated.
>> thanx,
>> deepak


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