I posted this to users@ovirt list, but no response, trying
my chance here.

    From vdsm code i can see support for storage domain of type SHARED_FS
But when trying to configure a new storage domain, i don't see SHARED_FS
as a available domtype filed in the dropdown.

I want to use shared FS to connect to try and connect to gluster mount
point on my node, but unable to as I don't see that option.

From http://www.ovirt.org/wiki/Features/PosixFSConnection - I understand
that its the same as sharedFS, so what is PosixFSConnection then, is it
just a new interface that provides a wrapper for what is sharedFS now ?

The status of this says Done, but I don't see the UI part of this, am I
missing something.

Also pls let me know if usign sharedFS to make the node use gluster mount
is correct or not ?


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