Perry Myers píše v St 22. 02. 2012 v 11:54 -0500:
> >> As answered in the other response, there are kernel command line
> >> parameters to set the management_server.  Since this will likely be in a
> >> pxe environment, setting the pxe profile to include
> >> management_server=<engine_url> should be fine.  
> >>
> > I agree it's a valid solution as long as you assume this is relevant
> > for PXE only use case.
> Not necessarily...
> Take the ISO/USB Stick and you can embed the kargs into the ISO/USB
> itself so that it always boots with that mgmt server arg
> This actually also enables use of 'stateless' combined with static IP
> addressing as well.  As you can create a USB Stick and embed the kargs
> for the NIC configuration, rsyslog config, etc, etc.
> >> Another solution could be to setup a specific DNS SRV record that points
> >> to the ovirt-engine and have node automatically query that for the
> >> location.
> > This was discussed in the past and for some reason not implemented.
> Concerns about security, iirc.  Assumption that someone could hijack the
> DNS SRV record and provide a man-in-the-middle oVirt Engine server.

What about DNSSEC validation for DNS records in node?


> If you're paranoid about security, don't use DNS SRV of course, instead
> use hardcoded kargs as described above.  But for some DNS SRV might be
> an ok option
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