On 02/21/2012 05:09 PM, Dan Kenigsberg wrote:
On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 04:42:42PM +0530, Deepak C Shetty wrote:
     This is the error i see in vdsm.log
Any pointers appreciated.

22:04:52,785::logUtils::37::dispatcher::(wrapper) Run and protect:
devlist=['3600a0b800017dd4f00000e2e4a4ab484'], options=None)
22:04:52,788::lvm::287::Storage.Misc.excCmd::(cmd) '/usr/bin/sudo -n
/sbin/lvm pvcreate --config " devices { preferred_names =
[\\"^/dev/mapper/\\"] ignore_suspended_devices=1 write_cache_state=0
disable_after_error_count=3 filter = [ 
\\"r%.*%\\" ] }  global {  locking_type=1  prioritise_write_locks=1
wait_for_locks=1 }  backup {  retain_min = 50  retain_days = 0 } "
--metadatasize 128m --metadatacopies 2 --metadataignore y
/dev/mapper/3600a0b800017dd4f00000e2e4a4ab484' (cwd None)
22:04:52,854::lvm::287::Storage.Misc.excCmd::(cmd) FAILED:<err>  = "
Can't open /dev/mapper/3600a0b800017dd4f00000e2e4a4ab484
exclusively.  Mounted filesystem?\n";<rc>  = 5
Do you have write permission on the

For fibre channel, Vdsm does zero preperations - devices just pop up in
the host. Please try `pvcreate /dev/mapper/3600a0b800017dd4f00000e2e4a4ab484`
directly from the command line.

Figured out the issue. The above dm entry in question actually happens
to be a multipath pathname, and it had ...484p1 and ...484p2 partitions
created beneath it, so pvcreate fails for it.

I had to disable multipath, remove the p1 and p2 partitions, wipe off the
partition table entry from ..484 backed blk devices (sdb, sdh) and then
OE was able to create a PV, Vg and lv.

Few obs:
1) When i had disabled mpath, i was expecting OE to show 'sdb' and 'sdh' as the
fc block devices , but whenever i tried to open 'new storage domain' it
probably autoran mpath to setup mpath on my node and always shows me the
multipath pathname (...484 in the above case)

2) why should OE (rather vdsm ) should configure mpath if user has disabled it ?

3) When i permanently disabled mpath (using mpathconf --disable), OE did not
show any luns on the new storage domain UI. So why does OE/vdsm detect the fc blk devices as in sdb, sdh and allow user to select that to base his/her's block storage upon ?


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