On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 11:05:50PM +0800, Royce Lv wrote:
>    Guys,
>    ***** We have unittest cases for VDSM REST API at hand and expect to merge
>    them with* VDSM test harness. So would someone provide a schedule of VDSM
>    test release plan? Will it be released with VDSM or in another
>    repository?We'd like to work with it as soon as possible.
>    **** Thanks a lot!

How about not waiting for this any longer?

I suggest that we use simple unittest. If you push test modules as the
following, I'm sure we can integrate it with any harness we come up with in the
future. Just throw your modules under /test!

(Correct me, Federico, if you had something else in mind)

import unittest as ut

class MyTest(ut.TestCase):
    def testThis(self):
    def testThat(self):

def suite():
     tests = {MyTest: ["testThis", "testThat"]}
     resSuite = ut.TestSuite()
     for testcase, methods in tests.iteritems():
         resSuite.addTests(map(testcase, methods))

     return resSuite
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