I had a host managed via OE, completely working fine. Was even able to create and run VMs off it. I tried removing the host from the OE (put host into maint. mode and then remove) and when i re-discover
the same host, OE just keeps seeing it as Non-responsive.

I am able to ssh into the host and see that none of the vdsm processes have been started. I tried doing "Confirm host has been rebooted" on the OE, did not help. I tried putting
host into maint. mode and re-activating the host, just doesn't help

I waited for ~45 mins thinking OE might connect to the host, start vdsm and get me the Up status
but it failed.

Do i need to manually start vdsm in such a scenario on the host ?
Are there ways or methods to have OE forcibly start vdsm on the host ?


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