On 03/09/2012 04:30 AM, Michel van Horssen wrote:
> Hi,
> Not sure if it's an engine or node problem but seeing that the eningine is 
> functioning fine I'm putting my bets on the node.
> I have a test install of ovirt on 3 servers.
> 1. FC 16 Engine/VDSM
> 2. FC 16 VDSM
> 3. Node version 2.2.3-1.1
> I have 2 networks I need access to on all servers.
> A. Default network for access to the servers
> B. Data network for sharing iSCSI from an OpenFiler server.
> I have an ISO nfs share on the engine server (1) and share an iSCSI disk on 
> network B.
> I needed to do a "hand job" on the node so it would get my 2nd network 
> correctly because I couldn't do it from the TUI (is a known) and not from the 
> engine interface.
> Now for the problem:
> I can create virtuel guests on all three servers. Running just fine. I can 
> migrate away from all 3 servers while the guests are running. The thing is I 
> can only migrate towards the VDSM servers (1 and 2) not to the Node (3).
> The guest created on the node gets migrated away just fine but getting back 
> on the node I get a:
> "Migration failed due to Error: Fatal error during migration (VM: guestname, 
> Source Host: VDSM-Host)"
> Wich logs are needed to take a look at? Because I tried looking at the 
> "/var/log/vdsm/vdsm.log" but that was to mixed up for me to find anything 
> that pointed me in the right direction.
> Any help is appreciated.

I think this would be something for the vdsm folks to take a look at...
 If they determine there is something oVirt Node specific that is
causing this behavior, we can address it but they might need to help

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