Michel van Horssen píše v Pá 09. 03. 2012 v 10:30 +0100:
> Hi,
> Not sure if it's an engine or node problem but seeing that the eningine is 
> functioning fine I'm putting my bets on the node.
> I have a test install of ovirt on 3 servers.
> 1. FC 16 Engine/VDSM
> 2. FC 16 VDSM
> 3. Node version 2.2.3-1.1
> I have 2 networks I need access to on all servers.
> A. Default network for access to the servers
> B. Data network for sharing iSCSI from an OpenFiler server.
> I have an ISO nfs share on the engine server (1) and share an iSCSI disk on 
> network B.
> I needed to do a "hand job" on the node so it would get my 2nd network 
> correctly because I couldn't do it from the TUI (is a known) and not from the 
> engine interface.
> Now for the problem:
> I can create virtuel guests on all three servers. Running just fine. I can 
> migrate away from all 3 servers while the guests are running. The thing is I 
> can only migrate towards the VDSM servers (1 and 2) not to the Node (3).
> The guest created on the node gets migrated away just fine but getting back 
> on the node I get a:
> "Migration failed due to Error: Fatal error during migration (VM: guestname, 
> Source Host: VDSM-Host)"
> Wich logs are needed to take a look at? Because I tried looking at the 
> "/var/log/vdsm/vdsm.log" but that was to mixed up for me to find anything 
> that pointed me in the right direction.

vdsm logs are most helpful. For starters, look up the VM names in the
log and note its UUID. Then grep the logs for that UUID and you should
see what happened to the VM.

qemu logs may also be of help, you can find them
at /var/log/libvirt/qemu/<VM Name>


> Any help is appreciated.
> Thnx
> Michel
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