> Not sure, but this sounds like a DNS issue.
> Does you reverse lookup of the host match the hostname?

Personally I think it's a time issue. The node was one hour behind. Would be 
nice to have something in the TUI for setting the timezone.

Friday I've all the clocks on the same time and migrated some stuff to the node 
but it didn't work and I ran out of time. So I've shutdown all servers. This 
morning I started them up again and all is well except for 1 vm. It's in a 
"image locked" status and I can't get rid of it.

In the storage there is no longer a disk for that vm.

Is there a conf I can edit by hand so the engine forgets about this stray vm?

I want to solve this before I start a new test to see if the time issue 
resolved my problem.

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