On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 04:57:24AM -0400, Ayal Baron wrote:
> > I'd rather avoid gerrit hooks if possible to use a jenkins job to
> > validate this to keep the gerrit deployment as simple to
> > maintain/upgrade as possible.
> But that's the wrong place to be doing it.
> Jenkins periodically polls for changes and then runs a job and posts
> the results somewhere (who would get the email?)
> Here the committer would immediately know that there is a problem with
> the patch and reviewers also immediately know not to accept it.
I think what Itamar is getting at is that from gerrit you can trigger
jenkins jobs which give a -1 if it fails. If jenkins checks for pep8
you've solved the feedback issue without creating custom a gerrit hook.
It will also be more scalable since you can add pyflakes / pylint / ...
in the same check.
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