On 04/04/2012 05:07 AM, Ryan Harper wrote:

I'm just starting to work with gerrit and I've got a number of process
questions on how to map typical opensource project development with

In general, I'll work up a patch series, post to the mailing (including
a cover letter to describe the goal of the series and any details
around what testing was done), do review and discussion inline on the
list via email client.  It's straight-forward to see all of the comments
about the whole series in an email thread.  I'll respond to either
discuss issues or indicate I'll respin and include the fix.

Next, I go back and rework the code as needed, and post a v2 of the
series to the list.  Repeat till code is accepted to completely rejected
in favor of another approach.

I'm trying to understand the gerrit analog of this.  I've created my
patch series, used git-review to submit a topic branch.  The web
dashboard shows each patch as it's own item for review.  I get email
copies of my submissions with links to the gerrit link to the commit.
When folks review my patches I get emails with comments from them.  In
some cases, when I look at the web ui, I can see that someone has
reviewed the patch, but the comments don't show up (even though they did
in the email; for example, http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#change,3287 shows
that Dan reviewed the patch and it has (1 inline comment).  However, the
email I got in response to the review actually includes the comment.)

you should see it inline in the code of the comment is made on the code, and not as a general review comment:

btw, we have patches to gerrit to send emails with code diffs rather than just comments, but are still wrestling on problems getting them their signed CLA to submit them.

To respond to the comments of a single patch, I'm currently "reviewing"
my own patch, filling out the "cover" letter, but it's not clear to me
that everyone sees the cover letter before reading the patches etc.

not sure about the cover letter actually - but all emails go to reviewers and to rhev-patches / vdsm-patches.

Also, it's not clear to me if everyone can see the comments or only
folks who have been selected as reviewers.  Is "reviewing" each one of
my own patches to reply to comments the preferred/best method within the
bounds of gerrit to exchange comments?  Is it possible to reply to the
email that gets sent out with the comments directly and have gerrit
append those comments to the backend?

not possible to reply to email to get it in gerrit - maybe someday...

I'm now looking at the feedback and will be doing a v2; do I submit a
new topic branch or with git-review do the right thing if I resubmit
under the same topic branch ?

same, and gerrit will recognize the patches as V2 based on their change-id

Thanks for your time.

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