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On 04/04/12 01:03, Adam Litke wrote:
> Hi all,
> At the oVirt Workshop in Beijing I learned about how the ovirt-shell 
> dynamically
> discovers: the collections, resource schemas, and allowed actions based on an
> RSDL file and API xsd schema.  I am working on a REST API for vdsm and would
> like to make my API compatible with the ovirt-engine api such that the same
> ovirt-shell program could work with either the engine api or the vdsm api.
> There are many differences between ovirt-engine and vdsm (namely that one is
> implemented in Java and the other in Python).  I think the easiest way to test
> whether this is possible is to try and create a new, minimalist REST service 
> with
> python Cherrypy.  Such a service would have a root URL with no collections or
> actions.  From my understanding I will need to write the following files:
> /api      - A basic XML representation of the API root resource
> /api?schema - An xsd that describes the simple API
> /api?rsdl   - An rsdl (XML file) that describes the available links
> for /api, I want to start with something dead-simple:
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
> <api>
>   <messages>
>     <message id='foo' href='bar'>
>       Hello from vdsm!
>     </message>
>   </messages>
> </api>
> Once I can use ovirt-shell to list messages and show messages I will be happy 
> to
> build on it.  Can anyone help me figure out the minimal xsd and rsdl that 
> would
> be needed for such an API to be consumable by ovirt-shell?  Thanks for your
> help!



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