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> Hello all,
> I'm currently working on a patch to correct the logic used by vdsm
> when
> reviewing the logical and physical block size of physical volumes
> [1].
> Once/If this is approved I'd like to look into making the exceptions
> thrown from vdsm and the errors displayed within engine more
> descriptive.
> Before I start throwing patches into gerrit I was wondering *if*
> there
> is a preferred workflow when adding additional exceptions and error
> messages across both projects. For example, committing changes to
> vdsm
> before engine, engine before vdsm or both at the same time.
> I'm also wondering if there is a way to say that vdsm gerrit changeid
> x
> relies on engine gerrit changeid y etc?

Adding in engine does not rely on vdsm actually throwing the exception.
Adding in vdsm without corresponding code in engine would just mean that a 
generic message is displayed to user, so either way is ok as long as you make 
sure to submit both.
There is no need for a dependency between gerrits (and I'm not sure how that 
would work either, but I'm not aware of any such mechanism at the moment).

> Thanks in advance,
> Lee
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