attachment is test script to reproduce it, tar xzvf it, and sudo ./

runs on vdsm after version:
commit acfe53407b450cab3b600e257bf487556fbece5e
Author: Saggi Mizrahi <>
Date:   Thu Apr 12 10:13:27 2012 -0400

    Fix build-aux version scripts so that internal tags don't confuse them

    A walking around patch is sent at
/#change,3638. Bugzillar:

The attachment is the log. Vdsm was built on:
BZ#773210 - Avoid infinite loop when delete volume failed during the merge

with following change:
-Requires: lvm2 >= 2.02.95
+Requires: lvm2 >= 2.02.86
-Requires: libvirt >= 0.9.10-9
-Requires: libvirt-python >= 0.9.10-9
+Requires: libvirt >= 0.9.6
+Requires: libvirt-python >= 0.9.6

I don't have latest package of that, so changed them, but they
seems not related to the issue.

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于 2012-4-12 14:54, Ayal Baron 写道:

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I am using Fedora 16 with default python2.7.2 installed, and found
sometimes vdsm hanged at
vdsm/storage/, func execFunc:
p = subprocess.Popen(command, close_fds=True, cwd=cwd,
stdin=infile, stdout=outfile,

Stopped command could be anything, most likely is
'/usr/bin/sudo -n /sbin/iscsiadm -m session -R' (cwd None)"
during vdsm booting up procedure. This happens only when an other
thread is started at the same time by calling
threading.thread.start(), which I found in clientIF._init():

When it happens , there would be two vdsm showed in ps
vdsm 13794 1 0 11:18 ? 00:00:00 /bin/bash -e
/usr/share/vdsm/respawn --minlifetime 10 --daemon --masterpid
/var/run/vdsm/ /usr/share/vdsm/vdsm
vdsm 13797 13794 0 11:18 ? 00:00:00 /usr/bin/python
vdsm 13837 13797 0 11:18 ? 00:00:00 /usr/bin/python

Does anyone could give some idea about it? I made my own
.py program calling misc.execFunc in one thread, and starting
other thread by start() in main thread, same thing happens
little chance, so I guess it is a bug in python threading and
pipe, planning to change vdsm threading class to work around

Do you have abrt package installed?

yes, and removed all abrt packages testing again, problem still
[root@oVirtPC xiawenc]# rpm -qa | grep abrt
[root@oVirtPC xiawenc]#

[root@oVirtPC xiawenc]# rpm -qa | grep vdsm

Adam also metioned abrt package before, what problem it would

abrt had a bug where in some cases it would read from a socket that
was never written to without a timeout so it would hang.
The maintainer introduced a patch earlier this week but I'm not sure
it's accepted yet.
Can you attach vdsm.log?

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