On 04/22/2012 12:28 PM, Ayal Baron wrote:

This way we'd have a 2 stage process:
1. setupStorage (generic)
I was looking up on the VDSM archives and there are talks of using
libstoragemgmt (lsm)
Funny, we started using that acronym for Live Storage Migration :)

under VDSM. I was wondering if the setupStorage would be something
lsm would
be used to do the work, it seems fit for purpose here.

I don't think this is the libstoragemgmt mandate.

libstoragemgmt is:
"A library that will provide a vendor agnostic open source storage application 
programming interface (API) for storage arrays."

i.e. it is there to abstract storage array specifics from the user.
It will be used by things like LVM etc, not the other way around.

setupStorage would use libstoragemgmt wherever appropriate of course.

But as the libstoragemgmt maintainer, Tony (cc'd) can correct me if I'm wrong 

I was looking at setupStorage as Provisioning + Setting up.
I know one of the basic goals of lsm is provision the storage to the host
and preparing the storage for consumption is higher layers work.

With that, i think then its becomes a 3 stage process, from oVirt/VDSM pov... 1) Provision Storage (using lsm if applicable, based on whether external storage is connected)
2) Setup Storage (prepare the provisioned LUNs for usage)
3) createSD/createGlusterVolume/...  (plugin specific)

Since we are talking about Storage management using VDSM, i was
interested in understanding the plans, strategy of how VDSM + lsm
will integrate ?


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