On 23/04/2012 12:26, Mark Wu wrote:
Hi guys,

I saw that an option to create balloon device was added by Gal in
I have a question about it. Why don we preserve the old default
behaviour? I know it's not supported by ovirt-engine now, but I can't
figure out what will break if it's not disabled explicitly. So do you
think we can just make use of the balloon device added by libvirt?

We didn't change the old behavior.

Libvirt creates by default a memory-balloon device, so vdsm defaults was to disable it by adding a "none"-type device. This was done because vdsm didn't include an option to add such device.

My patch added an option to create a memory-balloon through vdsm. If the user didn't request to add the device, the behavior is same as before, disabling the memory-balloon.



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