Tested again on el6.2, passed.
  With more test and code reading of cpython, I think this bug is
introduced by a bugfix in python:
  The patch solving the bug I met in python2.7.2, is:
changeset:   72897:ee4fe16d9b48
branch:      2.7
parent:      69635:f6feed6ec3f9
user:        Charles-Fran?ois Natali <neolo...@free.fr>
date:        Wed Oct 12 21:07:54 2011 +0200
summary: Issue #13156: revert changeset f6feed6ec3f9, which was only relevant for native
   It does a revert operation, So that explains why error do not happen
in python 2.7.3 and python 2.6.6.

On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 05:10:40PM +0800, wenchao xia wrote:
   I am planning to let vdsm use python 2.7.3 for that race condition
was found in subprocess.Popen and threading.Thread in python 2.7.2 on
Fedora 16. The test case could be found in previous mails.
gerrit: http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#change,3638
Python 2.7.3 on Fedora could be got from :
   Any comments are welcome.

It is important to mention that this is python version is not in f16
yet. One would have to --enablerepo=updates-testing in order to take it.
I would like to inform Jenkins folks about this beforehence.

Wenchao, could you (or someone else) double-check that this bug is
really fixed in el6's python 2.6.6 ?


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