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> On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 05:24:29PM +0800, wenchao xia wrote:
> >   It is just a scratch from my mind, so I'd like hear your opinions.
> Thanks for the idea!  Do you have a sample test for the verification test 
> suite?
> Will it be your pipe deadlock test?

Reminds me of Ganeti burnin. From the manpage[1]:

This tool is used to exercise either the hardware of machines or alternatively
the Ganeti software. It is safe to run on an existing cluster as long as you
don’t pass it existing instance names.

The command will, by default, execute a comprehensive set of operations against
a list of instances, these being:

    disk replacement (for redundant instances)
    failover and migration (for redundant instances)
    move (for non-redundant instances)
    disk growth
    add disks, remove disk
    add NICs, remove NICs
    export and then import
    and finally removal of the test instances

Executing all these operations will test that the hardware performs well: the
creation, disk replace, disk add and disk growth will exercise the storage and
network; the migrate command will test the memory of the systems. Depending on
the passed options, it can also test that the instance OS definitions are
executing properly the rename, import and export operations.

[1]: http://docs.ganeti.org/ganeti/2.5/html/admin.html#burnin
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