On 04/29/2012 10:24 PM, S. Littel wrote:
Hi everybody, I'm working currently on a running version of vdsm 4.9.1
for openSuSE 11.3. I'm changing many lines in the start/stop scripts
e.g. paths, rc commands. Most of this work looks fine but if I try to
get a connection between the oVirt engine (runs on a openSuSE 12.1) and
the vdsm host I get a ssl error. Also after setting ssl in vdsm.conf to
false and changing the settings in oVirt engine database I still get
this error.

which settings are you changing in the db?

So the general question, is there someone working on a openSuSE 11.3 or
11.4 version of vdsm? Or someone who has experience how to get it work?


Sascha Littel

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