On 05/03/2012 06:43 PM, Doron Fediuck wrote:
On 03/05/12 17:56, Shu Ming wrote:
   I am checking the VDSM and ovirt-engine workspace for "vds_bootstrap.py" file.  It was found 
that vds_bootstrap.py file was in VDSM workspace and was packaged into vdsm-bootstrap rpm package.   Also, it 
was found that in the host installation process, host node will try to get the "vds_bootstrap.py" 
from the engine server.  But "vds_bootstrap.py" is not included in any engine packages.  Does that 
mean we should install vdsm-bootstrap package into engine server?  Why not package this file into engine 
packages instead of vdsm packages?

Hi Shu, good questions ;)

Let's take it one at a time:

1. The bootstrap RPM should be installed on the engine's machine.
2. The reason behind this odd behavior is as follows;
The concept of bootstrapping, means taking a bare Linux installation, and 
making a Hypervisor out of it.
This process includes (amongst other) several delicate operations, such as 
validations, network configuration, certificate
generation and RPM installation. One of the RPM being installed by the 
bootstrap script, is vdsm itself, so
bootstrap cannot be a part of the vdsm.
3. The reason for keeping the bootstrapping scripts in the vdsm repo, is that 
bootstrapping prepares the
hypervisor for vdsm, so if/when something changes in vdsm, is should be 
modified in bootstrap as well.

Hope it helps,

4. Yes, the name is horribly confusing. host-bootstrap / hypervisor-bootstrap would have been a much better name.

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