On 2012-5-8 13:24, Itamar Heim wrote:
On 05/08/2012 04:50 AM, Shu Ming wrote:
In my reviewing patches in gerrit for VDSM code, I found it was a bit
awkward to understand the diffs without much context above or below the
diffs. I hope I can read the unchanged lines around the diffs to get
more information. The unchanged lines should be in folding state when I
don't care about them and can be unfolded when I need more information.
What do you think about this?

just changed in gerrit the context to show you 'whole file' rather than '10 lines'?

Yes. 10 lines don't have much meaning to the people not familiar with the file, but still have an interesting to review the code. More context will help them to review the code without patching the diffs into the original file.

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