On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 04:07:29PM +0800, Jenna Johnson wrote:
>    Folks,
>    *** I came across a problem when starting VM, and think maybe related to
>    the following.
>    *** In API.VM.create() function, we prepareVolumePath, and then
>    teardownVolumePath, any idea why we handle it like this?
>    ******************* fname = self._cif.prepareVolumePath(paramFilespec)
>    ******************* try:
>    *********************** ....
>    ******************* finally:
>    *********************** self._cif.teardownVolumePath(paramFilespec)

The answer is in the ellipsis: this piece of code opens the file where
vdsm stores its metadata for hibernated Vms.  After the data is read,
there is no reason to keep the LV storing it.

What is your VM-starting problem? Why do you this it's related to this

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