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On 2012-5-21 3:55, Ayal Baron wrote:
Hi all,

I would like to discuss the following on our upcoming call:

- reviewers are missing!
- reviewers/verifiers are missing for pep8 patches. I would like to
   ask a volunteer to aggregate them all in one branch, and get some
   folks from Red Hat QE to run some sanity test on them.
- functional tests: Wenchao Xia's,4454
   and Adam Litke's,4451
- Saggi's unicode fixes to betterPopen
- Stories about negative flows hurt by commit 1676396f18cf5c300d87e181
   "Change safelease APIs to match SANLock flow"
- Upcoming oVirt-3.1 release: when to break from master branch?

Anyone else has more interesting stuff? We can skip my bullets for a few
of yours if we do not have time.

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