Yea, the current scheme is less the optimal. What really needs to happen is 
having VDSM starts as root, fork(), have the child set[ug]id to vdsm and have 
the parent become supervdsm.

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> Subject: [vdsm] constrain call supervdsm only to vdsm process
> Hi guys,
> Went through current code and found calling
> supervdsm(function:getProxy()) is only called from threads of vdsm,
> and supervdsm can be called from other processes in current scheme.
> My plan to change supervdsm and vdsm startup process is meant to
> limit call of getProxy only to vdsm process and its threads, that is
> to say not allow subprocesses and other process to call super vdsm.
> I know we are going to move all the "sudo " to supervdsm, So I want
> to ask if my plan will make constraints to these or introduce other
> troubles?
> Thanks for your answer!
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