Hi Guys,

Recently, I has been working on integrate MOM into VDSM. MOM needs to use VDSM API to interact with it. But currently, it requires the instance of clientIF to use vdsm API. Passing clientIF to MOM is not a good choice since it's a vdsm internal object. So I try to remove the parameter 'cif' from the interface definition and change to access the globally unique clientIF instance in API.py.

To get the instance of clientIF, I add a decorator to clientIF to change it into singleton. Actually, clientIF has been working as a global single instance already. We just don't have an interface to get it and so passing it as parameter instead. I think using singleton to get the instance of clientIF is more clean.

Dan and Saggi already gave some comments in http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#change,4839 Thanks for the reviewing! But I think we need more discussion on it, so I post it here because gerrit is not the appropriate to discuss a design issue.

Thanks !

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