If you don't want to add it in a parameter then you already suspect that you 
are doing something wrong. Using a singleton instead of passing a parameter 
doesn't make the dependency not there. It's just obscures it.

I might not fully understand what you want to do but I think what you want is 
to have MOM expect a certain interface.
Then have an adapter class bridging the two interfaces.
The pass the wrapped CIF to MOM.

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> Subject: VDSM API/clientIF instance design issue
> Hi Guys,
> Recently,  I has been working on integrate MOM into VDSM.  MOM needs
> to
> use VDSM API to interact with it.  But currently, it requires the
> instance of clientIF to use vdsm API.  Passing clientIF to MOM is not
> a
> good choice since it's a vdsm internal object.  So I try to remove
> the
> parameter 'cif' from the interface definition and change to access
> the
> globally unique  clientIF instance in API.py.
> To get the instance of clientIF,  I add a decorator to clientIF to
> change it into singleton. Actually, clientIF has been working as a
> global single instance already.  We just don't have an interface to
> get
> it and so passing it as parameter instead.  I think using singleton
> to
> get the instance of clientIF is more clean.
> Dan and Saggi already gave some comments in
> http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#change,4839  Thanks for the reviewing!  But
> I
> think we need more discussion on it,  so I post it here because
> gerrit
> is not the appropriate to discuss a design issue.
> Thanks !
> Mark.
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