I was able to get the details of the display of both spice and vnc using
vdsclient. Now how can I connect to the console using spicec or virtviewer.

spicec is failiing with the following log.

1338808977 INFO [32318:32318] Application::main: command line: spicec
--host --port 5900 --secure-port 5901 --ca-file ca-cert.pem
1338808977 INFO [32318:32318] init_key_map: using evdev mapping
1338808979 INFO [32318:32318] MultyMonScreen::MultyMonScreen: platform_win:
1338808979 INFO [32318:32318] GUI::GUI:
1338808979 INFO [32318:32318] ForeignMenu::ForeignMenu: Creating a foreign
menu connection /tmp/SpiceForeignMenu-32318.uds
1338808979 INFO [32318:32319] RedPeer::connect_unsecure: Connected to 5900
1338808979 INFO [32318:32319] RedPeer::connect_secure: Connected to 5901
1338808979 WARN [32318:32319] RedChannel::run: connect failed 7

virt-viewer is failing due to authentication even though i use a password
set by vmticket.

Please note that the VMs are managed by ovirt
Is it mandatory that we need to use ovirt to connect to vm consoles?
Can someone guide me?

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