When I check my vdsm.log, I found those logs. Based on the log format, the log should be printed by a module with name "__init__". However, after checking the whole files of VDSM workspace, I couldn't find a "__init__.py" file with line 1249. My question is where is the "__init__.py" file under VDSM?

Thread-807::DEBUG::2012-06-08 00:01:10,730::__init__::1249::Storage.Misc.excCmd::(_log) '/bin/rpm -q --qf "%{NAME}\t%{VERSION}\t%{RELEASE}\t%{BUILDTIME}\n" vdsm' (cwd None) Thread-807::DEBUG::2012-06-08 00:01:10,752::__init__::1249::Storage.Misc.excCmd::(_log) SUCCESS: <err> = ''; <rc> = 0 Thread-807::DEBUG::2012-06-08 00:01:10,753::__init__::1249::Storage.Misc.excCmd::(_log) '/bin/rpm -q --qf "%{NAME}\t%{VERSION}\t%{RELEASE}\t%{BUILDTIME}\n" spice-server' (cwd None) Thread-807::DEBUG::2012-06-08 00:01:10,773::__init__::1249::Storage.Misc.excCmd::(_log) SUCCESS: <err> = ''; <rc> = 0

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