On 06/17/2012 06:20 PM, Deepak C Shetty wrote:

    Got more questions on this, now that I am re-visiting this.
The last time i tried using SHAREDFS, i started from createStorageDomain verb, and it works fine.

But now we have connectStorageServer verb... which i believe is the new way of doing things ? If i start from connectStorageServer verb to mount using SHAREDFS ( which goes via PosixFs... MountConnection flow), that won't help me entirely here, right ? Because it only mounts based on the dict sent, but does not do anything with the image and metadata stuff ( which createStorageDomain flow did ).

I am wondering if its too early to start using connectStorageServer ? If not, how can i re-write the above vdsm standalone example using connectStorageServer instead of createStorageDomain flow ?

'Guess i got confused.. the standalone example does use connectStorageServer followed by createStorageDomain.
Scratch the question .. my bad..

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